Saturday, February 25, 2006


I crossed the finish line!! My Knitting Olympics project is complete. I must say, the Waldron Island hat was a learning experience, I learned that double pointed needles are not so bad and that I'm not a big fan of making bobbles.

My brand new Clover Yarn Cutter is my gold medal, no silly donut hole for me.

Waldron Island Hat in action:

The deadline really helped me stay focused, as I have tendency to jump from project to project (don't all knitters?). The pattern was fun, aside from the bobbles, did I mention that I've decided that I don't like bobbles. They yarn is a deliciously soft alpaca and knit up nice. The sad part is, I don't like it. I like the picture, and it turned out well, but when I put it on, it does this weird, crown-like thing, I feel like the kid on the old Imperial Margarine commercials (was it imperial margarine?...the kid with the crown?... who knows, but anyway...). I finished, I got the gold, but I'm not happy with it, which means I probably won't wear it, but I like the yarn so....
I ripped it out. Two weeks of knitting back in the basket (on a side not, the pretty blue yarn was part of Jan's destashing, thanks Jan!)
Maybe I'll find a different hat to turn the nice yarn into, however right now I need to move on to some gift knitting.
Disappointing :(

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