Sunday, August 31, 2008

Buying a House

If the posts have been a little sporadic lately, it's because we have a lot going on in the S-K household. We have decided to put an offer in on a house and have been bogged down with going thru our stuff, filling out mortgage applications and just general running around. All of this in conjunction with working and trying to get outside and enjoy the rest of summer (August in the Northeast has been wonderful - sunny and hot, but not too hot). I will try to do a better job in the upcoming months of posting more frequently. Until then, enjoy this picture of Emma...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The summer harvest continues. My tomatoes are coming in beautifully - we've enjoyed several Tomato and Basil salads this summer fresh out of the garden. Today I ventured out to Willow Creek Orchards. They have a beautiful selection of produce and other locally produced food. I picked up some peaches, coffee and locally raised buffalo. While I was there I decided to pick some blackberries...enough blackberries to make some jam. How many blackberries do you need in order to make jam? I wasn't really sure either, but I knew you needed a lot. So I picked A LOT. 2 baskets full of blackberries.
The biggest challenge to making jam is not picking the berries, but finding pectin in our grocery stores. I had to go to the Menonite market and still had trouble finding it.
At the end of the day I was able to make about 8 cups of blackberry jam still with lots of blackberries to spare. Now...what to do with the leftover blackberries...Any ideas?