Sunday, July 01, 2007

Stitch n Pitch...and sweat

Tuesday was the Phillies Stitch n Pitch night. Knitters were invited to come out to the ballpark, knit and watch the game. What fun! If you live anywhere in the Northeast, you know. Tuesday's weather was about as un-condCheck Spellingucive to knitting as you could get. It was probably around 90 degrees with about 90% humidity. It was hot and sticky, so much so that you could actually see the humidity on the field. It looked foggy. Ugh! There were some troopers...women working on wool sweaters and scarves draped on their laps. I couldn't even stand to work on the cotton socks I brought with me. Instead, I enjoyed the good company, exciting game (Phillies won 11-4) and yummy beer (Flying Fish Summer Ale). Maybe next year the weather will cooperate.


Last Saturday I took Jake on and adventure for his birthday. I tried to come up with a "pirate" birthday for an adult. Hmmmm...what's pirate-y? Well....ships (we went to Moshulu for lunch)...
...treasure...he got presents....what about sharks? Pirates have been known to make people walk the plank into shark infested water?....right? Either way, I was taking Jake to see some sharks (Jaws is one of his all time favorite movies, anyway) up close and personal. The Camden Aquarium has a program where you can pay to snorkel with some sharks. FUN!I made the arrangements for us both in secret, since I wanted Jake to be surprised. We had to leave early, since we had a 9:30 am swim time. He thought we were going into the city to spend the day, then as we crossed over the Ben Franklin Bridge, he looked a little nervous. "We're going to New Jersey for my birthday" he said, sounding a little dissapointed. Yes, and Camden at that.
I told him about the adventure when we arrived at the aquarium. He seemed a little nervous. He divulged that he remembered seeing the commercials for swimming with the sharks, and thinking "What moron would do that?" HA-exactly why I didn't tell him ahead of time. As we walked in to the aquarium, they walked us through the main shake exhibit, pointing out the different sharks in the tank. All of a sudden I realized why...these were the sharks we would be swimming with.

Wait a minute....the guy on the phone told me the water was only chest deep? I assumed that they would put us in a pool with some little sharks that we would swim around thinking "hey...look at me I'm swimming with sharks." Nope. We were going in the big tank! All of a sudden I was nervous. We snorkeled around on a shelf at the top of the main shark tank. It was really neat, but a little scary. The sharks came right up to our faces.

It was such a fun adventure!