Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring has Sprung

Happy Spring!

I'm so ready to get rid of the cold ugliness of winter and move into the warm, longer days of spring. Here at Casa del Jake & Rae we are shifting into gear. This weekend the spring cleaning (and unpacking) started in the basement and the upstairs bedrooms. We're trying to finish the "moving in" process by unpacking the boxes that were stashed just in time to welcome the holidays. Also, we've been itching to get outside into the yard. The daffodils and other bulbs are starting to sprout. It's kind of fun going around the yard and trying to identify the plants that have lived here longer than we have. Also, the vegetable seeds arrived and are now in their starter cups. General weeding and backyard clean-up has begun.
Today, Jake declared war on the family of squirrels that have been ravishing our bird feeders and driving the dog crazy all winter. The last straw was the destruction of a bird feeder and garbage can lid.

This morning, dressed in camouflage, Jake left for the hardware store. He returned with his "solution" to the squirrel problem. Living in the middle of town, sniping is out of the question. As is poisoning the menaces, since Emma spends a lot of time sniffing around the yard. Instead, he's decided that he is going to "relocate" the little rodents.

I can't imagine this ending well on either side, meanwhile visions of Caddy Shack are dancing in my head.

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SnarfySnee said...

I have relocated 14 rodents. Make sure you take them very far away! (And if you let them have the garbage... well then they won't eat through the lid!) Good Luck!