Monday, March 09, 2009

Holy Crap it's March!

I really can't believe it's already March, where has 2009 gone? My head truly is spinning. Two business trips abroad - Italy in February (below is a picture of the view from my hotel in Stressa) and the U.K. this month - have put my day to day routine into a bit of a tailspin.

I'm not doing too well with the New Years resolutions - I've only been to knitting once and haven't made one book group. In all fairness, I haven't been particuliarly motivated to read the books for book group because I was sucked into the Twilight chronicles (I really could barely think of anything else, let alone start another book I really had no interest in). I haven't forgotten any birthdays, however I am very delinquent in mailing my grandmother's birthday gift (why does the Post Office have to close at 4?)

I am trying to achieve a better work/life balance - easier said than done. For instance, the reason I have time to post to this blog is because I got stuck at work to late to get home in time for yoga...did I mention I've been going to yoga? Anyway, aside from the craziness, things are going well with us. The weather this weekend was so nice, we were able to get out and work in the yard for the first time. Funny, because last Sunday (March 1st) I had to fly out of Philadelphia in a blizzard (seriously, Jake said we got about 8 inches of snow between Sunday night and Monday).

Trying to think of what else has been happening during the past two and a half months, but it all seems like a blur. I'm not going to promise more frequent posts, but I will say that I do hope to post more seems the best way to keep everyone up to date. Drop me a note and let me know how you're doing - for those of you I haven't heard from in awhile. Cheers!..Ciao

In closing, I would like to take a moment to recognize the passing of Popeye, my parents Silky Terrier. Popeye had been a member of the family for the past 14 and a half years. He will be missed greatly. (This is him asleep, btw..just in case you were wondering)


Dad said...

Thanks for tribute to Popeye.I remember that day coming home from golf. He was the greatest.

Mom said...

Thanks Rae for keeping Popeye in your thoughts and heart. He was a wonderful member of our family and kept your Dad and I company during the empty nest period after you and Pat moved out. He was loved and will be missed greatly.

BJ Kunkel said...




Anonymous said...

Rae, Happy Birthday busy girl. I love reading your blogs even tho they are a little spaced apart. I wore your knitted hat 3 times this year snowshoeing and thought of you with love each time. Happy Year and Lots of Love Aunt Sue:)