Sunday, September 09, 2007

Food Poisioning

According to Jake, I have a cast iron stomach. I can eat most food and not have any gastrointestinal problems. Knowing that, I ask a lot of my stomach. Yesterday was case in point. It was IPA fest at the Drafting Room. We were meeting a friend at 2pm for "A drink". Yeah. There were 19 different beers on tap, six samples and two hours later I had decided on my drink. During that time, we won a bottle of Rogue's 10th Anniversary beer. We decided that it must be enjoyed "in the moment". At 6 o'clock we decided to go get dinner. We went to a little BYO restaurant (for those who don't know BYO = Bring your own, very popular in states like PA with crazy liquor laws) with a bottle of Le Chouffe Houblon (sp?) quite possibly my favorite beer right now and a bottle of Pinot Noir. Our dinner companions brought with them some of their delicious homemade wine and port for dessert.

Here's where my system decided it'd had enough...

I'm not quite sure if it was the mixture of all the beer/wine of the day or the Thai Peanut Pork or the really rich creampuffs for dessert but my cast iron stomach let me down. I got sick. At the restaurant. At the table (which thankfully we were seated outside and I was in front of a flower bed). On the way home.

Not only was I sick, but very embarrassed!

It was Bad News.

Update: As it turns out, one of our dinner companions (who ordered the exact same meal as I did) also got sick that night. Giving creedence to the fact that it was food poisioning and not the alcohol.

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