Sunday, July 01, 2007

Stitch n Pitch...and sweat

Tuesday was the Phillies Stitch n Pitch night. Knitters were invited to come out to the ballpark, knit and watch the game. What fun! If you live anywhere in the Northeast, you know. Tuesday's weather was about as un-condCheck Spellingucive to knitting as you could get. It was probably around 90 degrees with about 90% humidity. It was hot and sticky, so much so that you could actually see the humidity on the field. It looked foggy. Ugh! There were some troopers...women working on wool sweaters and scarves draped on their laps. I couldn't even stand to work on the cotton socks I brought with me. Instead, I enjoyed the good company, exciting game (Phillies won 11-4) and yummy beer (Flying Fish Summer Ale). Maybe next year the weather will cooperate.


Sally said...

I was there too!

Senalda said...

Well said.