Sunday, July 01, 2007


Last Saturday I took Jake on and adventure for his birthday. I tried to come up with a "pirate" birthday for an adult. Hmmmm...what's pirate-y? Well....ships (we went to Moshulu for lunch)...
...treasure...he got presents....what about sharks? Pirates have been known to make people walk the plank into shark infested water?....right? Either way, I was taking Jake to see some sharks (Jaws is one of his all time favorite movies, anyway) up close and personal. The Camden Aquarium has a program where you can pay to snorkel with some sharks. FUN!I made the arrangements for us both in secret, since I wanted Jake to be surprised. We had to leave early, since we had a 9:30 am swim time. He thought we were going into the city to spend the day, then as we crossed over the Ben Franklin Bridge, he looked a little nervous. "We're going to New Jersey for my birthday" he said, sounding a little dissapointed. Yes, and Camden at that.
I told him about the adventure when we arrived at the aquarium. He seemed a little nervous. He divulged that he remembered seeing the commercials for swimming with the sharks, and thinking "What moron would do that?" HA-exactly why I didn't tell him ahead of time. As we walked in to the aquarium, they walked us through the main shake exhibit, pointing out the different sharks in the tank. All of a sudden I realized why...these were the sharks we would be swimming with.

Wait a minute....the guy on the phone told me the water was only chest deep? I assumed that they would put us in a pool with some little sharks that we would swim around thinking "hey...look at me I'm swimming with sharks." Nope. We were going in the big tank! All of a sudden I was nervous. We snorkeled around on a shelf at the top of the main shark tank. It was really neat, but a little scary. The sharks came right up to our faces.

It was such a fun adventure!

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Yarn Mama... said...

You are both so courageous! I don't think I could have done it!
Sharks are really scary!")