Sunday, November 02, 2008

September Update

So much has been going in the last two months that I figured I would use a couple of posts to bring everyone up to speed. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Jake and I put an offer in on a house at the beginning of the month. At the same time, I traveled to London on business. Poor Jake, he always gets stuck with messes while I'm gone. Actually it wasn't too bad, the offer was accepted and we had done all of the loan paperwork, it was really just scheduling inspections and watching interest rates. Speaking of interest rates, leave it to us to to make the biggest financial decision of our marriage (so far), during a time when the banking and lending industry was in collapse. Luckily for us our bank wasn't taken over or merging during this or I might have had a stroke. Even still I was on the phone with our loan officer almost daily checking rates and making sure we were still getting our mortgage. She has the patience of a saint ;)
Also during September, Jake and I went to Florida. After a very brief visit we set off in their old, but our new Volkswagon Vanagon. We took a 3 day road trip back from Florida to Pennsylvania in a 1987 VW Camper van.

The first of many adventures! Those of you who are up on your East Coast geography may have noticed that there was no North Carolina sign. Well, we were distracted by PEDRO
That pretty much wraps up the month of September. Check back soon for the October update.

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DangerGrrl said...

Yeah, who ISN'T distracted by South of the Border? I did a college road trip down that way...Lots of crazy pictures on all sorts of odd things...