Sunday, August 31, 2008

Buying a House

If the posts have been a little sporadic lately, it's because we have a lot going on in the S-K household. We have decided to put an offer in on a house and have been bogged down with going thru our stuff, filling out mortgage applications and just general running around. All of this in conjunction with working and trying to get outside and enjoy the rest of summer (August in the Northeast has been wonderful - sunny and hot, but not too hot). I will try to do a better job in the upcoming months of posting more frequently. Until then, enjoy this picture of Emma...

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Yarn Mama... said...

Hope the offer goes through for you! I wish my "Leia" would sleep in a doggie bed without tearing it to pieces. Right outside her kennel are foam pieces of her bed.
I know what you mean about spending time outside. The house is trashed and I'd rather sit outside on the laptop and watch my son play in the sandbox. He's making me a cake out of sand.